About The Conveyancing Network | UK online network of Solicitor and Conveyancers

The Conveyancing Network was setup in 2011 as a solution to provide consumers with access to a service that allows quick, fixed fee conveyancing quotes comparison when buying, selling or remortgaging a property in the UK.

How was The Conveyancing Network Conceived?

Back in 2011, the residential conveyancing market was a very closed and unknown market for consumers. Most people who were buying, selling or remortgaging their property had to trust the recommendation of a family friend, their IFA, brokers, banks or estate agents when finding a solicitor or conveyancer to handle their property transaction. There was very little information online that was readily available, that a consumer could use to make an infomed decision on which firm of property lawyers to use.

Some firms still worked on an hourly basis and other firms were only carrying out panel work for big banks, lenders and mortgage brokers. There was a huge gap in the market for a technology solution that could introduce a consumer (buyer, seller or remortgager) to a law firm. With this gap and with a heavily focused software development team, The Conveyancing Network was born and their conveyancing quotes comparison solution went into development.

Smart, Easy to Use, Intelligent Comparison Software for the Residential Conveyancing Market

From the start, The Conveyancing Network was setup to provide a smart, quick, easy to use tool, that could be integrated into any website to provide a consumer with a conveyancing quotation in as little as 3 steps. The software had to be intelligent and slick, but also provide the key information that a consumer would need when looking to instruct a solicitor or conveyancer to handle their conveyancing.

By providing the right information along with clear and transparent pricing, finally a property buyer or seller, would know the answer to the most asked question .. "How much is my conveyancing going to cost?"

Negotiated Conveyancing Fees in Return for Conveyancing Instructions

The Conveyancing Network's network of legal professionals grows from day to day. We work with some of the best property lawyers in the country. We work with sole practices right through to very popular nationally recognised brands with mutiple offices throughout the UK. We have negotiated some excellent fixed conveyancing fees with each of these individuals and firms in return for online marketing, market exposure and most of all confirmed conveyancing cases. In return, this allows us access to excellent prices that we can then pass on to residential conveyancing consumers. All in all, it's a win win situation for property solicitors and people moving home.

Conveyancing Software with Core Values at Heart

The software has undergone significant changes and improvements over the years, but essentially the core of the offering has not changed and will not change moving forward. Our network is here to help and educate consumers in understanding conveyancing costs when moving home, but is also here to help solicitors and licensed conveyancers win more business. By providing the tools, technology and support to both parties, we can help drive change in the conveyancing marketplace.