Conveyancing Compare Services Can Reduce The Cost Of Buying Or Selling Residential Properties

Conveyancing compare services should form an important part of your UK residential property purchase or sale. In any property transaction, conveyancing is a 'necessary evil'. It is the name given to the legal process of transferring ownership of a residential property from one person to another. It includes checking issues like deeds and boundaries; making sure there are no problems or hidden catches with the property; and confirming the details of any mortgage. When you effectively compare conveyancing prices from solicitors or licensed surveyors, you can improve the service you get and reduce the costs you incur during a purchase transaction.

Compare Conveyancing Prices To Make Sure You Get The Best Deal

When we buy or sell a UK residential property, the majority of us rely on a property agent to recommend a conveyancing service provider. Whether it is a small independent or a branch of a large national chain, we tend to use the conveyancing service recommended to us. Property professionals such as estate agents or mortgage brokers have a 'conveyancing panel' made up of conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers that they regularly use and recommend to their residential sales or purchase customers. This fact is supported by the findings of many property market research studies. How do you know that your estate agent's conveyancing panel is comprised of the best services locally available? Is there, for example, a solicitor or licensed conveyancer service available that specialises in providing conveyancing for you if you are a first time buyer? Is that service part of your estate agent's conveyancing panel? How do you compare solicitors fees for buying a house and know that you are getting the best price and service possible? Pricing is not the only measure you might want to use to compare conveyancing quotes solicitors and conveyancers. You might, for example, want to consider local reputation, level of experience or, given that the average residential conveyancing process in the UK takes between ten and twelve weeks, time taken from instruction to exchange of contracts. The system you use for your conveyancing compare process needs to be easy to use, robust and reliable to ensure you are receiving the best possible services and price.

New Ways To Compare Conveyancers

So we need to find and employ efficient ways to carry out conveyancing solicitors comparison for ourselves. The choice of the system used is currently down to the preferences and experience of the individual professional in the field, be it an estate agent, an independent financial adviser or another body. The conveyancing market in the UK residential property sector, is actually very price competitive. This competitiveness is currently cutting prices for the company who recommends the conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer and is not necessarily being passed on to the person buying or selling their residential property. It should really be the buyers and sellers of residential properties, though, who compare conveyancers and their fees and services to ensure the best deals are obtained. Estate agents and other property professionals regularly post their UK residential property for sale on well-known property portals. Most estate agents have their own websites. Conveyancing calculators and quote systems have been available, but these have been used to help conveyancers produce better, more accurate quotes. Online price comparison systems have improved services and/or reduced prices in many other markets. There is no reason why a similar platform should not do the same for residential property conveyancing. Online price comparison can only make the process more transparent, more cost effective and more efficient for us as the end user. The Conveyancing Network has developed online cloud based conveyancing management software to streamline the conveyancing quote system and allow easy price comparisons for residential property buyers and sellers.

Rapid, Efficient Conveyancing Compare Services From The Conveyancing Network

Our cloud based conveyancing management software is aimed at the general public who are buying and selling their UK residential properties. It puts you in control of choosing and instructing your conveyancing provider. When you need to choose a professional to complete your conveyancing compare prices from The Conveyancing Network's panel of different registered providers quickly and easily. We allow you to compare conveyancing prices and read reviews and recommendations about our conveyancers from other users. For more information and to try out our comparison website, visit If you have questions, please do ring us on 0203 637 2219.