Compare Conveyancing Fees - How Conveyancing Solicitors Can Help First Time Buyers

Compare conveyancing fees and you could well be surprised by the differences in cost and services available to you. No matter what your budget, you will be able to find a solicitor to help you purchase your new home. The same is true even if you happen to be a first time buyer.

In fact, conveyancing solicitors can help first time buyers get on the housing ladder, and they are an integral part of the government’s help-to-buy scheme. It is the conveyancing solicitor or agent who must obtain the additional funds from the government to make up the deposit when buying a house. When first time buyers open a help-to-buy ISA account and pay money into it, they can qualify for bonus funds – and these additional funds are claimed for on behalf of clients by their solicitor or conveyancer. Compare conveyancing services on offer and ensure that the agent you choose is experienced in this regard if you are a first time buyer. Solicitors or conveyancers first need to check the client’s eligibility for the scheme. They must also check that the property that their client wants to purchase fits with the eligibility criteria too before making the application for the bonus for their client. It is essential that your conveyancer is able to do this efficiently and quickly so that you know as soon as possible whether you will be accepted onto the scheme. It can make a big difference. So when appointing an individual for your conveyancing compare reviews to check your agent’s experience and quality of service too.

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