The Conveyancing Network's Smart, Intelligent Conveyancing Leads and Quote Management Software Platform

Introducing a Smart and Intelligent way of working for Conveyancing Leads and Quotes

The next generation platform from The Conveyancing Network. The smart, intelligent software platform that gives solicitors and conveyancers the tools they need to generate more quotes, leads and instructions on their own website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our software is not just a conveyancing calculator or conveyancing quote system .. it's an intelligent customer focused sales platform

Our software has been developed to provide a slick and robust sales and lead platform that can be used by solicitors and conveyancers looking to increase their residential conveyancing business. The Conveyancing Network have extensive experience in looking after customers and providing customer focused solutions. This experience and customer focus, combined with our technical expertise, has led to a platform that is geared to grow and expand you legal business.

How will your business benefit from utilising the solution?

Being an online managed platform, Our software is easy to use, easy to implement and fully customisable to your business and the way you want to operate your conveyancing leads and instruction business. We work with all types of businesses. From small singled licensed conveyancers with a simple website, to multi branch solicitors and high traffic comparison websites covering the whole of the UK. Each implementation of the software is tailored to suit your business model and the growth strategy of your business. Some immediate benefits of using the platform include:

  • Open 24/7 - No need for your staff to be producing quotes and emailing them. Produce quotes on your own website, 24 hours a day seven days a week.
  • Optimised for Mobile Devices - Provide instant quotes on mobile devices such as iPhone, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy. Fully customisable with your business branding
  • Profit from your website - Turn your website into a lead generator and money maker. Instant online conveyancing quotes for your business, with fully controlled pricing levels, that YOU set.
  • Smart and Targeted - Cross selling and cross promotion of other services and offers from your business. Offer your website visitors what they want.
  • Fast and Secure – All of your customer data, quotes and instructions are transmitted using the latest technology over secure SSL connections.
  • Fully Hosted and Managed - The platform is fully managed and hosted in UK dedicated datacentres. Continually monitored and updated with the latest platform enhancements and improvements to win you more conveyancing business.
  • Increase your ROI - Make smart and intelligent decisions on where to spend your money. Reduce referral fees and maximise your direct website traffic and visitors.
  • Increased Lead Conversion - Our software gives YOU realtime statistics and easy communication with your potential clients. Generate quotes, request callbacks and instruct all online

The platform and the licensing options available

The platform operates a fee structure that can fit with your business model. Typically these models are:

  • CPI (Cost per Instruction) - Pay a higher fee per instruction received through the platform, but with a reduced monthly licensing cost.
  • Monthly Management Fee - Pay a lower fee per instruction received through the platform, but with an increased monthly licensing cost.

The flexibility allows your business to make an informed decision.

Receive your FREE conveyancing business analysis

If you are looking at a new conveyancing software and want to find out how The Conveyancing Network platform could help your business, then take advantage of our FREE business analysis. We will look at your current business model, cost per instruction, marketing spend and overall lead management process. To arrange your free analysis or to receive more information please email us [email protected] or call us on 0203 637 2219