Compare Solicitor Fees - How Much Should A Conveyancer Cost?

Compare solicitor fees before deciding on a conveyancing solicitor for your house purchase. It could save you hundreds of pounds, or show you a solicitor who is better for your individual requirements than others would be; or even both. But what are the costs associated with a conveyancer in the first place?

The cost of conveyancing varies according to the sales price of a property, but the average you can expect to spend is around £850. It’s well worth taking the time to compare conveyancing estimates from different providers to ensure that you are getting the best value solicitor for your money, as you may be able to get a better deal. Many of the costs associated with conveyancers are to do with the varied searches that need to be carried out regarding the house sale. The solicitor will either pay upfront for these, recouping the money from their clients (usually with an admin fee on top); or the client will hand over a sum of money in advance which is then used to pay for the searches. Either way, the searches should be done at the beginning of the house purchase ideally. The rest of the charges will be for the conveyancer’s time, as well as telephone and internet charges. They may also charge for any letters sent, as well as an indemnity fee (should anything go wrong) and even set side costs for contingency planning. For budgeting purposes, it’s best to get a quote up front. This way, you can do some conveyancing compare research, as well as getting a fixed cost in writing.

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