Conveyancing Leads and Quote Conversion - Increase your Cases - Dedicated Conveyancing Sales Team

Generatng conveyancing quotes and  conveyancing leads is great, but how what about converting these potential leads into ACTUAL clients? This can be costly to your business and can often involve a lot of time, money and effort to reap the rewards from the leads generated.

What if you could outsource the lead and quote conversion to a specialist sales team with years of experience converting potential clients into residential conveyancing cases for your law firm? This is now possible when working with The Conveyancing Network.

Conveyancing Leads and Quote Conversion Service - An Expert Sales Team working with YOU

Our dedicated quote and lead conversion team  we actively work your pontential lead pipeline, turning potential conveyancing clients, into actual clients and cases for your firm. Using our inhouse CRM, our sales team will analyse incoming leads from various sources and make contact with these clients looking to gain an actual instructed case that is ready to be onboarded and progress.

How does the Lead and Quote Service Operate?

We have tried to keep the service simple and straightforward, so that we can quickly and easily have your legal firm setup on our systems within 48 hours. Within a few simple steps, we can be prospecting on your behalf and winning new business for your conveyancing firm.

  1. Setup Incoming Lead Pipeline - We can take incoming leads from various sources including conveyancing comparison websites, your own website, referring brokers and estate agents. All of these are delivered into your firm's dedicated lead funnel.
  2. Additional Marketing Opportunities - Once your firm is live on our systems, we can quickly and easily market your firm across our conveyancing network to gain more exposure through our partner websites and conveyancing quote comparison websites, such as The Conveyancing Network and Conveyancing Calculator. Just being exposed on these websites, your firm has the potential to be exposed to over 1,000 potential clients per week!
  3. Website Quote Calculator - Once your firm is active, we can also supply you with a FREE conveyancing quote calculator for your own website or internal systems. Using this calcuator, you can plugin this into your own website and can instantly provide conveyancing quotes to potential clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, knowing you have an expert sales and conversion team only an email or phone call away.
  4. Triggers and Automation - With your firm active, we can now setup the trigger points using our smart quote technology. Our system can identify different types of clients and automate emails, texts and calls with our sales team, so that we can take full advantage of the best time to contact a client and gain the instruction for your firm.
  5. Analysis  - Once your firm is live and we have the sales process operational, we can provide you with some insight and analysis into your current fee scale and overall feedback from instructed clients and non instructed clients. This allows your firm to adjust as necessary to win more business and clients.

What are the Costs and Fees for using the Lead and Quote Conversion Service?

Fees can vary dependent on the lead source, lead volume and the type of services we are providing to your firm. Our typical model operates on a per conversion pricing model. There are no setup fees, joining fees or monthly fees, just a pay per conversion fee for every case that you receive.

Contact us on [email protected] or give us a call on 0203 637 2219 and a member of our sales team will be happy to guide you, provide you with a pricing breakdown for your business and provide you with the next steps to winning more business for your firm.