Compare Conveyancing UK - What Happens When You Buy a Repossessed House?

Compare conveyancing UK wide and you’ll discover a big variation in costs. What you will pay largely depends on where you are buying a house and how much the house is worth. But what about if you are in the process of buying a repossessed house? Is that any different?

For the most part, there is nothing different about buying a house that has been repossessed, and you will still be able to compare conveyancing costs regarding the purchase to find the best deal. The main difference is that the mortgage company (the seller) will be unable to give you, the buyer, any first-hand information about the property. It is essentially a case of ‘buyer beware’, and if there are any problems with the house then it is nothing to do with the mortgage company who sold it. This is an important thing to remember as it could mean you end up spending more money on repairs than you saved by buying a cheaper house. Therefore, you should always inspect a property thoroughly and have a full survey and valuation carried out before committing to buying it. Then check a conveyancing compare site to ensure you are appointing a conveyancer who has experience in handling repossession cases. They will have the expertise to minimise the risks as far as possible; although it is still likely that you will have to take steps such as inspecting the property yourself, rather than relying simply on the estate agents’ sale particulars. The good news is that no debts relating to the property that were taken on by the previous owners will be transferred to the new owner.

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