Compare Conveyancing Quote - Small Costs Can Become Big Ones

Compare conveyancing quote after conveyancing quote, and make sure you know what you are going to be asked to pay. After the deposit and stamp duty are calculated, there are still a number of admittedly smaller costs associated with buying a home – but these will soon add up. What are they?

The first cost that needs to be considered is the valuation fee. The valuation needs to be undertaken in order for the mortgage lender to be satisfied that the property is worth what you want to borrow to buy it. The cost for this service is variable and can run into thousands, but it is unlikely that a lender will consider giving you any money without this being carried out. The valuation fee is largely at the discretion of your lender, so may be a non-negotiable expense. One area where you could potentially save money is if you compare conveyancing services. Different conveyancers will charge different fees, so asking for quotes will give you the opportunity to select one that fits within your budget. You will also need to have a survey carried out on the property. This usually costs anything from a few hundred up to a few thousand pounds, depending on how detailed you want or need the survey to be. There are independent surveyors who can be used, and, just like when you compare conveyancing quotes, you should also compare survey quotes to ensure you are getting the best value for money. Removals costs are another thing that can be compared – but they are often forgotten and left until the last minute, meaning you tend to pay more.

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