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Remortgaging your home or property and need a solicitor to handle your conveyancing for your remortgage? The Conveyancing Network has an online national network of licensed conveyancers and solicitors that can help you.

Get a Legal Expert .. a Property Conveyancing Solicitor to help you when Remortgaging your home or property

By simply providing a few details below, we can provide you with an instant online conveyancing quotation for your remortgage, direct from a licensed conveyancer or solicitor. You can perform a national search or locate a solicitor close to you to help you with your remortgage and the conveyancing process. You can download and save a quote and also arranged a callback with any of our solicitors, at a time to suit you. Once you are happy with your quote, simple instruct your conveyancer online or through your mobile device.

The Conveyancing Network expert legal conveyancing panel provides low cost, competitive, fixed fee conveyancing quotations.

Remortgage Conveyancing Fees - Compare Remortgage Solicitor Quotes Online Now

When looking to remortgage your property, you will often require the services of a remortgage solicitor or a licensed conveyancer that is approved and regulated to handle your remortgaging process. Using our remortgage quote system, you can quickly and easily compare remortgage convyencing fees and remortgage conveyancing costs directly from UK regulated property lawyers and expert remortgage legal experts. Our system produces instant online fixed fee remortgage quotations, so that you can budget when looking to remortgage your property. All of our remortgage conveyancing prices displayed are all inclusive, fixed fee conveyancing quotes, so that you can be rest assured you know the full cost of your remortgage upfront and won't get caight out with any hidden charges or additional fees.

Remortgaging Conveyancing Costs - What to look out for when comparing Remortgage Conveyancing Quotes

When you are remortgaging a property, there will often be standard remortgage conveyancing costs and fees to look out for when comparing quotes from different solicitors and conveyancing firms. Here are just a few of these:

  • Legal Fees - This is the legal firm's fee for carrying out the legal work required for your remortgage.
  • ID Checks - To comply with Anit Money LaunderingRegulations, the firm handling your remortgage, will need to verify the identity of anybody involved in the remortgage.
  • Bankruptcy Searches - When remortgaging  a property, your lender will usually insist that your remortgage conveyancer carries out searches against the names of all remortgagers in the Land Charges register. This search will reveal if any of them are currently bankrupt, are an un-discharged bankrupt or are about to be made bankrupt by virtue of any pending court actions.
  • Office Copies & Title Plan (Official Land Registry Copies) - Your conveyancer will obtain an official copy of the title deeds / title plan from HM Land Registry. These documents help to confirm details on the relevant property your looking to remortgage.
  • Telegraphic Transfer Fee (TT Fee) - Your solicitor will be responsible for the electronic transfer of any money from your new new mortgage lender, to your current lender. This is the charge for performing the secure money transfer on your behalf.
  • Land Registry Fees - Your solicitor will file and inform HM Land Registry of your new mortgage arrangement with your new mortgage lender. To file this with HM Land Registry, the UK Government impose a fee that is payable to update the Land Registry with this information.

Dependent on your new mortgage lender it may be required to perform additional searches on your property when conducting a remortgage. However, it is now very common for solicitors to take out insurance indemnity policies instead of performing these conveyancing property searches when remortgaging a property. This is often a lot cheaper and usually satisfies most remortgage lender requirements.

Lender Approved Remortgage Quotes from Solicitors - Remortgage Solicitor Fees

Be sure to instruct a solicitor or conveyancer that is authorised or approved to work with your new mortgage lender. By not doing this or checking this, you can be subject to additional fees imposed by your new lender for an approved lender panel solicitor to be used to represent them in the remortgage process. Our quotations allow you to specify your lender and as such find a conveyancer or a solicitor that can handle your remortgage conveyancing for you and your new lender. Remember Our remortgage solicitor fees are fixed fee, all inclsuive quotes, including the solicitor working on behalf of your mortgage lender.

Do I have to use a Local Solicitor to handle my Remortgage?

It is a myth within the conveyancing and property world, that you have to use a solicitor or conveyancer that is local to you. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

In fact most conveyancing cases are now handled electronically, either online or via email. Obviously you can still choose a solicitor that is local to you, but why not get the best price conveyancing, from a conveyancing company that will work for YOU and handle your remortgage quickly and efficiently.

Do I need a Solicitor or Conveyancer for a Remortgage?

This is very much dependent on your remortgage circumstances. If you are staying with the same lender and just refixing a new mortgage deal, then you will not require any remortgage legal conveyancing services. If you are changing to another morthage provider or lender, then you will need a remortgage solicitor or licensed conveyancer to remove the interests on the property from one lender to another.

The good news is, many lenders or mortgage providers now offer free legals as part of their deal to switch your mortgage over to them. As with anything that is free in life, there is a catch. Traditionally the "free legals" work is handled by a law firm chosen by your new lender that will work for them at little or very low costs. Quite often the law firms are overwhelmed with the amount of remortgage work they have to carry out directly for the lender resulting in very slow conveyancing, bad service and unecessary delays in moving your mortgage across.

The other option is to instruct a remortgage lawyer using our conveyancing comparison service. Yes the fees are going to be higher than getting the legal work done for free, but at least you will receive speedy conveyancing, cheap remortgage legal fees and a good level of service.

How does the Remortgage Process work? Understanding what's involved in a Remortgage

You will first need to speak to a mortgage adviser or shop around for the current remortgage deals that are on offer. The Conveyancing Network has a partnership with one of the biggest mortgage brokers in the UK that can help you find the right mortgage for your remortgage and your situation. Take a look at some of the current remortgage mortgage offers currently available.

Once you have chosen the appropriate mortgage you can then ask the mortgage adviser to arrange the mortgage and you will receive a 'mortgage offer in principle'. Once you have this you can instruct a conveyancer to handle your remortgage.

Your instructed conveyancer will then ask your current lender for the title deeds to your property and a redemption statement for your existing mortgage.

Your new lender will need to carry out a valuation on your home and make a formal remortgage loan offer. This is sent to your conveyancer to review and they will go through the lenders requirements and any stipulated requirements will be discussed with you.

A remortgage completion date will be agreed and your current mortgage will be paid entirely when the new mortgage comes into effect with your new lender. Your chosen solicitor will then register your remortgage details with the Land Registry, and send you the copies of your new remortgage documentation.