Compare Conveyancing Prices To Get The Best Deal – An Overview

Compare conveyancing prices and services from a range of different sources and you will find there is a wide variation in prices and levels of service offered. Part of the reason for this is that conveyancing can be carried out by a wide range of organisations and individuals, such as solicitors, conveyancers, mortgage brokers, independent financial advisers or online property portals and other property websites. But what is conveyancing? In short, it is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. It often refers to residential property and also covers re-mortgaging of a property.

How Can You Compare Conveyancing Quotes?

If you are a property buyer or seller, it is often difficult and time-consuming to compare conveyancing quotes from local providers. It can almost seem an impossible task at a time when you are trying to successfully complete what is widely recognised as one of the most stressful life experiences. Studies show that the vast majority of buyers and sellers use the conveyancing service recommended by property professionals such as estate agents, property websites or portals, independent financial advisers or mortgage brokers. The most common way to compare conveyancing prices would be to contact each conveyancing provider such as a local solicitor, conveyancer or other conveyancing service, after checking they are a UK regulated provider, and collect individual quotes. It is perhaps not surprising that many property professionals always endorse the same local conveyancing firms, rather than compare conveyancing services and recommending what they believe to be the most cost-effective and appropriate to each individual transaction. This can cause problems for solicitors and conveyancers, making it difficult for them to offer services in a new area or grow their market share. It also means that consumers might not get the best deal because their property professional isn't necessarily aware of all the local conveyancing services available.

When You Use Conveyancing Compare Service As Well As Price

Conveyancing providers very rarely market their services direct to the general public. They contact their local and UK residential property agents and mortgage brokers in order to market their services. Solicitors and conveyancers have had to put considerable effort into effectively showcasing their services, spending time and effort getting a 'foot in the door' to increase the numbers of prospects or leads for their service. Once they have managed to get 'on the books' of property agents, it is then up to the agent to compare solicitors fees for buying a house when they are advising their clients. Similarly, it has been a mortgage broker’s responsibility to carry out comparisons of price and service when using outsourced conveyancing services. This shows that the conveyancing market is controlled to a large extent by those who are acting as agents for those buying and selling residential property. In other words, groups such as estate agents and mortgage brokers, and not those who are actually buying and selling their residential property, make the decision on which service to use. Solicitors and others need to work together to make it the 'norm' that the general public when using conveyancing compare a wide range of providers in terms of price, service and reputation.

How To Persuade More People To Compare Conveyancing Quotes

Persuading more people, be they property professionals or individual buyers and sellers, to routinely compare conveyancing quotes should be a simple process. You need to increase the speed and efficiency of contacts between the purchasers and those selling conveyancing services across the UK. Allowing rapid generation and communication of quotes between providers and sellers would encourage conveyancing fees comparison and a much more open and competitive marketplace. This is beneficial to all involved, particularly individual buyers and sellers. The problem has been in getting all the parties involved to agree. Indeed, there are many people with a vested interest maintaining the status quo. Many solicitors and conveyancers who are well established locally or across the UK and who have a good network of contacts and people from whom they regularly get commissions are unlikely to welcome the prospect of increased competition. They will inevitably want to maintain their current position and guard their competitive advantage. Similarly, those buying conveyancing services may be nervous about using a system to compare conveyancing providers or be unsure of working with new people. This is not least because they may not be sure of the reputation of the conveyancing service they intend to use.

Letting Those Using Conveyancing Compare Prices Easily

There have been a number of attempts to develop a more competitive conveyancing market. The difficulty of helping those using conveyancing compare prices easily has proved to be a 'sticking point'. This is partly because of the number of different factors involved in generating a quote. These factors can include whether the property is a new build or an older property; whether the purchaser is a first time buyer; or whether a mortgage is needed. It is also because the UK domestic conveyancing market is very competitive and firms which might offer very similar services are concerned about losing any perceived advantage over their rivals firms. The use of new technologies, particularly computer-based software, in other markets has increased the usage of price comparison as a driver of new sales and put the public buying those services in the driving seat. Using similar technology, it should be possible to develop a comparison engine which can compare conveyancing fees. It might be more complex than others, since the numbers selling conveyancing services are high; services tend to be locally based; and there are a large number of other potential variables. But it is possible. The Conveyancing Network has developed a software solution.

The Conveyancing Network Software Allows Users To Compare Conveyancing Costs

The Conveyancing Network has developed a unique online conveyancing network which offers instant online conveyancing quotes direct from UK regulated solicitors and licensed conveyancers. This lets users compare conveyancing prices. We also offer technology solutions for solicitors and licensed conveyancers in the UK. To see a fuller explanation of what we offer and how our cloud-based conveyancing comparison technologies work, visit For further information about any of our services or our range of products, please feel free to call us on 0203 637 2219. You can also use our online form to register your interest or contact us.