Compare Conveyancing Solicitors - It’s not all about Cost

Compare conveyancing solicitors to find a good price by all means, but you should also check you are appointing the ideal conveyancer for your circumstances. Not all solicitors will be able to help in all specific situations, so it is essential you find one who will. Cost is a factor, but expertise is even more important.

In some situations, it is important to check that your solicitor will be able to act on your behalf throughout the entirety of the house purchase. When you carry out a conveyancing compare exercise, you need to take many things into account. These include the fact that, if you go with a solicitor rather than a conveyancer, they can only work for one party. And, depending on which lender you are getting your mortgage from, they may suggest that you use their approved surveyor – even if they are more expensive. This doesn’t mean that you can’t shop around (and find a new mortgage provider) if this is the case. In fact, you should definitely do so – your mortgage company will receive commission if you use the conveyancer they suggest, so it is not necessarily an unbiased opinion. Compare conveyancing and you will see what a range of options you will actually have. You can use whichever solicitor or conveyancer you choose, but do bear in mind that if you don’t use the one recommended by your mortgage provider (or estate agent) then you might have to pay some additional costs that would normally be waived. As long as you account for this in your budget, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Using The Conveyancing Network ( to find and compare conveyancing solicitors will save you time and money. But making sure you have the best conveyancer for you is priceless. If you want to know more, see our website or contact us on [email protected]or 0203 637 2219 with any queries.