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Using The Conveyancing Network's online cloud based software management system, estate agents, brokers, mortgage advisors, IFA's and financial institutions, can now manage their own conveyancing panel of solicitors and licensed conveyancers.

You select and manage your own conveyancing panel members, keeping more referral profits

The Conveyancing Network's online HUB and panel management software, puts you in control of managing your own conveyancing panel helping you improve your own practice management. With the assistance of The Conveyancing Network, your chosen / preferred solicitors and licensed conveyancers are loaded on to the system, with their company information, company attributes and conveyancing fee details including search pricing and disbursements and are then instantly quoting through your own private conveyancing network on the TCN central system.

Full statistics and reporting for your websites and panel members

Using the online panel management software and interface, you can instantly gain an overview of your private network's performance. This includes realtime search levels, instruction levels, referral commissions, case load and more. With instant data at your fingertips, you can see quickly and easily improve your marketing ROI and know exactly where, when, who, what and where your conveyancing instructions are being instructed.

Different modes of operation - comparison, fixed fee or single quote

Depending on your business model you can operate an open conveyancing panel allowing consumers to quickly compare conveyancing quotes instantly online or alternatively provide a flat fixed fee that you can then distribute using internal systems that you already have in place for conveyancing case assignment.

Start to take control of your conveyancing panel using TCN's cloud based software

If you are an estate agent, broker, mortgage advisor, IFA or financial institution or you would like to improve your practice management and would like to know more about our software solution for managing your conveyancing panel, please email us on [email protected] or call us on 0203 637 2219 to speak with us.