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Decided it's time to sell and move on? You will probably need the service of a conveyancing property solicitor to handle your property sale. If you are selling a property, The Conveyancing Network has an online national network of licensed conveyancers and solicitors that can help you.

Get a legal expert .. a property conveyancing solicitor to help you when selling your home / property

By simply providing a few details below, we can provide you with an instant online conveyancing quotation, direct from a licensed conveyancer or solicitor. You can perform a national search or locate a solicitor close to you a the property you are selling or putting up for sale. You can download and save a quote and also arranged a callback with any of our solicitors, at a time to suit you. Once you are happy with your quote, simple instruct your conveyancer online or through your mobile device.

The Conveyancing Network conveyancing panel provides low cost, competitive, fixed fee conveyancing quotations.

Using a local solicitor to handle my property sale .. Do you have to?

It is a myth within the conveyancing and property world, that you have to use a solicitor or conveyancer that is local to you when selling your home. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

In fact most conveyancing property sale cases are now handled electronically, either online or via email. Obviously you can still choose a solicitor that is local to you, but why not get the best price conveyancing, from a conveyancing company that will work for YOU.