Conveyancing Price Comparison - How Do Catchment Areas Affect House Prices?

Conveyancing price comparison websites are extremely useful tools for house buyers who can use them to get the best deal on conveyancing solicitors. Some houses are going to be worth more than others, not necessarily because they are larger or have more outdoor space, but because they are in a good catchment area.

A catchment area is the area in which you need to live in order for your children to have a chance at attending a certain school. Although nothing is guaranteed, and living within a catchment area might not mean that they can attend if there are many children living closer, it’s a chance many parents are willing to take for the best state schools. But compare conveyancing costs for homes that are not in a popular school catchment area to those that are, and you’ll immediately see the difference. This is great news for those who are selling or remortgaging homes in the most sought-after catchment areas. Amenities such as good schools can really push up the value of property in the immediate area; and even if you are staying put, you may be able to get a better mortgage rate. For those buying, however, conveyancing compare prices will give an indication of the house prices in the area – and you should be prepared to pay more – sometimes significantly more - than you would for the same house elsewhere. It’s worth noting, though, that catchment areas can change each school admission year, so bear this in mind if the house you are considering buying is on the outskirts of an area.

Whether or not a school catchment area is a priority for you, it is still good to see a conveyancing price comparison to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Find out what you could save in solicitors fees with The Conveyancing Network ( Our contact details are 0203 637 2219 and [email protected] – do contact us if you need to.