Conveyancing Quotes Compare - What is the Land Registry Search?

Conveyancing quotes compare to one another differently, depending on what you want the conveyancer to do. But one thing that all conveyancers will need to do is to carry out a Land Registry search on any property you are considering buying. Why is this important and what does it mean?

The Land Registry looks after the registering of ownership of land and property in England and Wales. The search that a conveyancer needs to carry out is to ascertain that the person who claims to hold the deed to the property someone is buying really does hold that deed – you cannot sell someone else’s house unless you have their permission. So when you compare conveyancing companies, you should make sure that they are able to carry out this search in a timely fashion. Any delays here will set your move date back quite considerably. Plus, if the Land Registry search is not carried out early on and then there is found to be a problem when it is carried out, all the work – and money spent – that has been done earlier in the process will have been for nothing. Therefore, the Land Registry search is absolutely essential, and when you compare conveyancing quotes, you must ask the conveyancers in question about when and how they conduct this search if you have any queries about it at all. There are over 24 million titles registered on the Land Register, and sometimes these property searches can take longer than is ideal. This is another reason to ensure that it is done at the very beginning of the purchase process.

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