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Conveyancing Cases & Confirmed Client Instructions delivered directly to your Desk!

We know from our years of experience with the residential conveyancing marketplace, that chasing and converting potential clients and conveyancing leads into a confirmed conveyancing case or actual conveyancing instruction, is often a thankless, costly and painful task for most solicitors and licensed conveyancers looking to increase their conveyancing case load.

Expensive Setup Costs - Conveyancing Sales Staff, IT Systems, CRM Systems, Telephone Systems and Communication Costs

Employing staff, IT systems, communications costs and wasted time can really affect your bottom line profit within your conveyancing business and essentially eats away at your profit margins per conveyancing file. Why have the added expenditure in your conveyancing business? Why not outsource this part of your business to an expert conveyancing sales team, that not only have the industry knowledge, but have all of the staff, IT systems, CRM systems, telephone systems and the time to create actual conveyancing clients for your law firm?

Our Conveyancing Case Conversion Service - Residential Conveyancing Clients Ready to Move

The Conveyancing Network now has a perfect solution for any conveyancing firm looking to increase their business and case load. Our confirmed conveyancing case conversion service has been setup to support our ever growing online network of solicitors and licensed conveyancers looking to work smarter, not harder. Our solution allows you and your firm to concentrate on the things you are good at and have the expertise for ... residential conveyancing!

Online Marketing and Exposure for your Law Firm - 1,000's of Potential Conveyancing Clients per week

Once your firm has joined The Conveyancing Network and is setup and approved as a panel member, we will instantly begin to market your firm throughout our network. Our network receives in excess of 1,000 potential conveyancing clients per week all actively seeking a conveyancing quote for their sale, purchase or remortgage. Our partnerships with housing websites, web portals, estate agents, IFA's, housing developers and lenders, ensures we capture many clients at an early stage in deciding which conveyancer to use for their coneyancing or clients actively looking to compare conveyancing costs and prices, compared to other prices given to them by others.

A Simple and Cost Effective Solution for Solicitors & Conveyancers to Increase Residential Conveyancing Business

All potential clients and conveyancing leads collected throughout our network are actively monitored and contacted by our case conversion team with a view to helping any client understand the conveyancing process in more detail. At the same time, the conversion team will discuss the potential conveyancing quotes provided to the client, with a view to confirming an instruction for one of our panel member firms. If a client decides to proceed with one of the quotes, an instruction is processed and then passed to the law firm that the client has selected, based on the fixed fee conveyancing quote they have received through our network. A very simple, clean and process driven process from end to end. All cases are delivered directly to fee earners and conveyancers via email or even delivered via an API solution directly into your conveyancing case management system automatically.

What are the requirements for joining The Conveyancing Network Confirmed Conveyancing Case Conversion Service?

The Conveyancing Network is open to any SRA regulated solicitor or CLC licensed conveyancer. We work with many different types of law firms all over the UK providing conveyancing cases. We work with firms of all sizes from small sole practitioners to large muti office law firms based across the whole of the UK and with years of experience within the UK residential conveyancing market.

If you are interested in learning more about our Confirmed Conveyancing Case model or you are interested in joining The Conveyancing Network as a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, then please feel free to contact us or give us a call on 0203 637 2219 and a member of our team will be happy to discuss our service with you.