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Buying your first home as a First Time Buyer in or around Oxfordshire – A quick guide to get you onto the property ladder

Conveyancing is the legal process involving the transfer of property ownership titles from one person to another.

Conveyancing consists of managing the legal and administration of your chosen property.

Oxfordshire First Time Buyer Conveyancing Quotes

It's a daunting experience for some when looking to buy your first home. Some people say it can be one of the most stressful times of your life, so as a first time buyer in Oxfordshire, it's important to know what to expect when buying a property, but to also have some of the best residential conveyancing lawyers working with you. Our first time buyer conveyancing quotes service, allows you to compare prices, locations and the quality of a potential coneyancing legal firm to handle your purchase in Oxfordshire in 3 simple steps.

All of our professional legal panel of first time buyer property lawyers, are fully regulated by either the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).

The Conveyancing Process for the First Time Buyer

The process starts when you have made an offer on a property in Oxfordshire. The process ends when you complete and the property is registered on HM Land Registry.

Oxfordshire First Time Buyer Solicitors Quotes

Make an informed choice - Choose the right solicitor for you when moving in Oxfordshire

The Conveyancing Network conveyancing panel provides you with an opportunity to make an informed choice on which solicitor will act for you near to Oxfordshire. Importantly you can see a fully transparent quote and can arrange a call back to cover any questions you may have.

The Solicitor acts for YOU and as such it's not about simply getting to completion, but ensuring that the transfer of ownership happen legally and that the property is not located in an area that may have issues such as previous coal mining or plans to build a major road next to it. The value of the property can be significantly affected if it is situated in an area that has such issues.

Typical Conveyancing Costs for a First Time Buyer in Oxfordshire

Conveyancing Costs and fees from solicitors and conveyancers can vary, which is why you obtain a quote so that you can budget and that you know where you stand financially. Use the conveyancing calculator quote service to determine the best value deal for you.

Get a First Time Buyer Conveyancing Quote from a Property Solicitor

Thanks and remember our aim is to offer as much support as we can in providing you with the help that you need to move on time and within budget.

The First Time Buyer Conveyancing Solicitor Quotation

Enjoy the easy to use Conveyancing quote search facility where you can enter the postcode of your chosen property or simply leave blank if you are finding out the legal costs for a solicitor in or near Oxfordshire before you have found your ideal property.

Stamp Duty (SDLT) for First Time Buyers in Oxfordshire

From 23rd September 2022, as a first time buyer in Oxfordshire purchasing a property in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you will be subject to reduced or 0% stamp duty. The new first time buyer stamp duty rates apply to any first time buyer purchase in England, Wales or Northern Ireland up to the purchase value of £625,000. Thew new rates are calculated as follows:

  • Up to £425,000 Purchase = 0%
  • £425,001 - £625,000 = 5% (on that portion of the purchase price)

If you are a first time buyer and you purchase a property in Oxfordshire for more than £625,000, then you will be subject to the standard SDLT rates. The first-time buyer relief is only available on Purchase's LESS THAN £500,000.

All or conveyancing quotes for first time buyers in Oxfordshire, correctly detail any SDLT liabilities for a purchase transaction. If in doubt, you can use our Stamp Duty Calculator.