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Buying a property in Cardiff and you need a residential property survey?

Once you have found your perfect property to buy in Cardiff, you are probably going to want to know more information about that property, it's condition and whether or not it is worth you investing your hard earned cash into buying this property. So how do you know what you are buying? .. You need a Homebuyer Property Survey

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RICS approved home property surveys direct from Chartered Surveyors in Cardiff

We can offer you instant online prices for a property survey in Cardiff. Our online property survey quote service, will produce up to 4 quotes and send them directly to your email, putting you in touch with firms of RICS chartered surveyors in Cardiff that will conduct your chosen homebuyer survey.

Cardiff Survey Quotes

The different property surveys .. What's included in each survey?

You have three options when it comes to your property survey in Cardiff. They are:

  • Condition Report
  • Homebuyer Report (Most Popular)
  • Premium Building Survey
Feature Condition Report RICS Homebuyer Report Premium Building Survey
A description of the construction and condition of the property Included Included Included
Highlights serious problems with the property Included Included Included
Identifies areas requiring urgent repair Included Included Included
Alerts you to areas or materials which may be a hazard Included Included Included
Provides you with additional advice on a particular defect or issue Not Included Included Included
Provides reinstatement cost for Building Insurance Purposes Not Included Included Included
Provides a market valuation Not Included Included Included
Provides specific information on the future performance of the building fabric Not Included Not Included Included
Outlines repair options and future timeline for maintenance Not Included Not Included Included
A longer and more detailed report with a more thorough consideration of the structure, grounds and services Not Included Not Included Included

Need a solicitor to handle your conveyancing for your sale, purchase or remortgage in Cardiff?

Now you have your Homebuyer survey completed and you are happy with the property you are buying in Cardiff, you can instruct a conveyancing solicitor to handle your conveyancing for you. Enter a few details below, to get an instant online conveyancing quote, direct from solicitors in Cardiff