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Remortgaging or Buying a Property with HSBC?

If you are buying or remortgaging your property with HSBC, using our conveyancing quote comparison below, you can get an instant quote from a firm of solicitors or licensed coveyancers that can act for you and your lender.

HSBC Lender Panel Conveyancing Quotes

Lender panel conveyancing is something that is not known or usually discussed by lenders, brokers or estate agents when looking to find a property solicitor or licensed conveyancer that can help you when purchasing a house, apartment, flat or any residential property in the UK.

If you are purchasing or remortgaging a property using a mortgage product or source of finance with HSBC, you will need to make sure that you instruct a property lawyer that is approved to work with and represent HSBC. This is known as the "HSBC lender panel".

If you do not instruct a property solicitor that is part of the HSBC lender panel, you can end up paying more for your conveyancing fees as you will not only have your fees to pay for, but YOU will also be responsible for paying for the legal representation for your lender!

Using The Conveyancing Network's conveyancing quote comparision system, you can filter your quotations by lender or mortgage company, ensuring that you receive a quotation that is inclusive of your lender's legal representation costs as well.

We are NOT the HSBC Conveyancing Panel

If you are a solicitor or licensed conveyancer looking to join the HSBC conveyancing panel, then please contact the lender directly. Please Note: We are not the HSBC conveyancing panel, We DO NOT manage the HSBC conveyancing panel and We are NOT the HSBC conveyancing solicitor panel.

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