Buying and Selling Property: The Key to Streamlining the Online Conveyancing Process

Buying and selling property in the UK has eased over the years, especially with the rise of online conveyancing. With one click, potential buyers and sellers can find each other and avoid making repetitive searches onsite or regular visits to estate agencies.

But once you have found someone online, the work doesn’t stop there. Your next question might be, how can I speed up the conveyancing process further?

Here is a brief checklist for you:

Settle and Secure Proper Documentation

Before you begin the conveyancing process with a solicitor, be sure to handle the administrative aspects first. Don’t forget to prepare a valid ID, write an authorisation letter, sign the necessary paperwork, and if you are selling, to gather all documents that prove ownership.

Rely on One Solicitor

The Internet makes it easy to talk to multiple people at the same time. During both the buying and selling process, have one conveyancing professional working for you. With two or more solicitors handling your case, you cause delay and slow down correspondence. You also increase the time needed to handover documents and settle finances for the transaction.

Improve Communication

Improve communication with all parties involved during the buying and selling process. Once you have found a conveyancing expert you can trust, establish open communications and ask to be regularly updated on the status of the property. Make sure all supporting documents needed to complete the transaction is understood and handed over. Crucial paperwork may include Property Information Forms and documentation for financing options.

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