As a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, do you offer instant online conveyancing quotes?

With an ever growing demand in the UK for instant and online services, is your law firm or conveyancing business missing out on new clients by not providing online conveyancing quotations?

The Conveyancing Network has plugin technology that can be used by solicitors and licensed conveyancer's on their websites for FREE. The plugin can provide visitors to your website with instant conveyancing quotations and allow them to instruct your company online, quickly and conveniently.

The plugin is lightweight in size, easy to install, secure and is fully customisable to suit your company brand. colours, fonts and website styling. Your website can be quoting online within 24 - 48 hours.

Increased online and market exposure for solicitors and conveyancers, simply by installing and using the plugin

Any solicitors or licensed conveyancers wanting to install and use the plugin, will also be added to our panel of legal professionals free of charge. Being a member of the panel exposes your company to high traffic website and companies such as estate agents, mortgage brokers, IFA's and more. All of these businesses and websites are looking to place conveyancing instructions with legal companies throughout the UK everyday. Being part of The Conveyancing Network, your company can gain instant exposure to these additional markets and start receiving more conveyancing instructions.

Join our network and increase your conveyancing business

If you are interested in joining the network or using the plugin on your company website to provide instant online conveyancing quotations, please feel free to contact us on 0203 637 2219 for more information.