LinkedIn Groups and Profiles for Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers in the UK

As a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, it's almost a given that you should have an individual profile active and searchable on LinkedIn. Did you know that you can also use LinkedIn to promote your firm of solicitors or conveyancers as well?

LinkedIn Groups for Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers in the UK

LinkedIn groups are a great way of networking and connecting with fellow like minded individuals and companies. A group is usually moderated by a group owner, but usually has a focus on a particular topic, industry or interest. A good example group for solicitors and licensed conveyancers in the UK is UK Solicitors Legal / Law Networking Group. By joining this group, solicitors and conveyancers can take part in active discussions, promote legal services and even provide job postings / openings for a firm or partnership. By taking part in discussions and providing valuable information, a solicitor or conveyancer can quickly grow an online reputation and presence.

LinkedIn Profiles for Solicitors and Conveyancers

A LinkedIn company profile is a page that displays information about a company. This information includes a description of the company, a list of employees who work or have worked for the company and products and services the company offers. These pieces of information are accessible via tabs at the top of a company's profile. Company profiles can be searched on LinkedIn by typing in the search box or clicking the "Companies" heading at the top of the LinkedIn home screen. Solicitors and Conveyancers can create a company profile page free of charge and begin to grow a network or client base of people that are interested in their legal services and their company in general. It provides a platform to communicate with a captive and interested audience, quickly and easily.

An example of a company page for The Conveyancing Network.

The Conveyancing Network for Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers

The Conveyancing Network offers technology and online solutions for solciitors and licensed conveyancers. By joining the network solicitors and licensed conveyancers can take advantage of network wide promotion through a series of third party websites offering conveyancing quotes and instructions in real time, using the TCN conveyancing comparison plugin technology. The plugin is fully customisable and is even available to solicitors and licensed conveyancers to use on their own website to provide instant online conveyancing quotes and allow real time online instructions.