Conveyancing Quote Engine - New Pricing Structure for Solicitors and Conveyancers

Today The Conveyancing Network has announced a new pricing plan structure for Solicitors and Conveyancers that wish to implement the same comparison and quote technology into their own company websites.

Online Conveyancing Quotes on your own website using our plugin technology

If you are a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, you can now offer online conveyancing quotes on your own existing website, using The Conveyancing Network's plugin engine technology. The plugin is available under 3 different pricing plans and models, allowing solicitors and conveyancers to work within their own business model. The plugin pricing plans have been developed to allow complete flexibility regardless of firm size.

We have a very basic plugin starting at £9.95 per month, with higher network transaction fees. For companies that prefer to use the technology, but not to pay higher transaction fees, we have a £49.95 per month plan, that allows your firm to receive confirmed conveyancing instructions on your own website from just £9.00! We have a plan to suit every solicitor or conveyancer.

Further Information about the plugin engine and the pricing plans

For further information about the plugin technology and to see the different pricing models available, please take a look here. Alternatively please call our technical integration team on 0203 637 2219.