Do you want to offer conveyancing quotes on your property portal or website?

The Conveyancing Network offers a plugin solution for property portals or websites, that produces instant online conveyancing quotes from a panel of leading solicitors and licensed conveyancers throughout England and Wales.

A conveyancing plugin solution for your online property portal or website

If you or your company owns or manages an online property portal or property website, you have a captive audience available to you, that are looking to purchase or sell property. Most of these people will require the services of a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to take care of the legalities when buying or selling a property in the UK. Using The Conveyancing Network plugin, your website can offer conveyancing quotes online, securely, conveniently and quickly.

Website visitors can instantly compare pricing for their conveyancing needs from a panel of leading UK legal professionals.

A free customisable plugin for your website

Our conveyancing can integrate quickly and easily into almost any website. A small piece of javascript along with an assigned license key, loads the plugin into your own website with your colours, fonts and design requirements. The plugin is currently free to implement and free to customise. Simply call us on 0203 637 2219 for more information or take a look at our plugin information and integration guide on our website.