QR Codes - How can they help to market your legal business?

QR Codes are the next generation of smart barcodes. As a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, these funky little barcodes can help you market your business and services quicky and easily.

You may have already seen these next generation barcodes being used online and offline by some larger corporate companies. These tiny QR codes can be used to promote websites, products and servcies online and even provide a VCard of your contact details to potential clients. The technology involves a camera and a QR reader application. The applications are FREE and readily available both in the Android marketplace and iPhone online store. Clients simply download and install the FREE reader application and whenever they see a QR code of a person or product they are interested in, they simply take a picture of this using their mobile device, the code gets translated by the reader software and the client is take to your website or given a VCard of your contact details to store in their mobile device.

Estate Agents and property portal websites are already using QR codes

Some of the major UK property portal websites such as Rightmove are already utilising this technology online. Take a look at this 4 bedroom home for sale in Westrminster, London. If you look further down the webpage on the right hand said, you will see a QR code that links straight to this property brochure and info. This allows website visitors using mobile devices, to quickly and easily save and store information about their favourite properties.

QR Codes for Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers

Why not use a QR code on your next batch of business cards you get printed for your solicitors or licensed conveyancing business? You can generate them FREE online using tools such as QR Stuff, Google Charts API and Kaywa. Try QR codes on any marketing material that you use or distribute, maybe flyers, brochures and leaflets and get your legal business right in front of mobile web users.

Technology services, conveyancing quotation engine and further information on QR codes for Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers

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